Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bon Appetit*

Hello, and welcome to SweetCakes! My name is Gabi and I'm 22 years old. I live in Central Florida and I have five cats and two dogs (all of whom I've rescued). I love to surf (although, I'm not very good), long board, read, swim and rescue animals. Most importantly, I'm a vegan sweetcake connoisseur!  :)

I've always had a passion for baking. I remember as a child, putting on my Mother or Mimi's apron and baking with them. At that point, I think I was making a mess and eating batter or dough more than baking, but it planted a seed for me.

Fast forward to May 2008, I was 18 years old and had just graduated high school. This is when I decided to become a vegan, and I haven't looked back since. Once I became vegan, I always wanted to surprise people with how good vegan food is (No, I don't just eat twigs and berries. I promise)! What better way to get people to try icky, scary vegan food than with sweets? Thankfully, most people have enjoyed my creations, though skeptical at first. 

After much, much encouragement from my boyfriend, Nick, my parents and his parents, I decided to make a little side business selling my treats. That lead me to start this blog site, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy making them.     

The first treats I'll share with you are from about a month ago. My little (he's actually not little at all anymore) brother turned thirteen in the beginning of December so I wanted to make him something special. He's an avid golfer, and he's great too!

So I made my Very-Vanilla SweetCakes and topped them with a bit of my Vanilla Soy Frosting and decorated them like a miniature course! Everyone enjoyed them, but my brother said they were amazing, and that's what matters! 

More SweetCakes to come soon! 
xo Gabi


  1. These were beautiful and very delicious! Way to go Gabi!
    xo Mom

  2. Way to go, Gabi! I would love to taste your gorgeous sweetcakes.

  3. Thanks Mom! (:

    Of course Miss Sandie! Anytime you want a batch, let me know. I'm happiest in the kitchen with an apron on, so bring on the orders! Haha (: